9 steps

Step 1: How do you think it really wound on a finger elastic force to pass through it? You think not? Then go to the next step.

Step 2: Look at the ease with which overcomes the barrier gum! Of course, you've no doubt that a finger !!! What secrets can be an ordinary finger ?!

Step 3: Of course, the secret is not in the finger, and in that, how it is fitted on the gum. To start put the gum on the thumb of one hand and the thumb and index finger - the other. Note that, where the middle finger of the second hand.

Step 4: middle finger you are folded down one side of the gum.

Step 5: And pick up a second side of it.

Step 6: In the meantime, the middle finger holds on itself resulting loop, you lash out a large loop on the thumb of the first hand.

Step 7: pull out of the middle finger loops, and that's what you get.

Step 8: As you can see, the gum is actually not wrapped around your finger. On her finger holds only that same loop. And what it will turn out less, the better. After all, the tiny loop will be easier to hide from the viewer's eye.

Step 9: While the elastic is stretched, it is kept on your finger, but it's worth it to weaken slightly, as here, a loop is free and gum will come off with the finger. Just do not let the audience know that you just loosened gum. Pull it out, move from side to side, and just quietly relax at the end, to focus a really spectacular.

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