15 steps

Step 1: In front of you is brown banana. You tell the audience that on each item comes energy, and if you know how to use it, you can do a lot, even sliced bananas without touching it and without damaging the skin.

Step 2: In order to prove the truth of his words, you pick up a comb and waving it over a banana without touching it.

Step 3: Repeat this one more time.

Step 4: And another two times.

Step 5: Then nadlamyvayutsya tail banana and starts to print.

Step 6: As soon as you print a banana, the audience becomes apparent that the banana really is cut.

Step 7: sliced neatly, as if with a knife.

Step 8: Now viewers can easily be treated with a banana, sliced miraculously. How can you learn so deftly manage energy subjects in order to achieve such success?

Step 9: The secret is focus, of course, not in power. And in ordinary needle or pin. It is advisable to take a long needle to work with it will be much more convenient. Be sure that the needle must be clean to the banana can be eaten.

Step 10: Insert the needle into the banana.

Step 11: Carefully, so as not to damage the peel, slide it to one side and then the other. The needle should move along the edge of the circle, barely touching them inside of the banana peel. Try also to hole the needle did not increase.

Step 12: Insert the needle into the banana apart from the first holes and cut banana in the second place.

Step 13: Repeat this one more time.

Step 14: Once again.

Step 15: Now, the banana cut into five pieces! And on the skin are no cuts, but only four tiny holes! If banana quick twirl to the audience, they will not pay any attention to four points, especially if the skin of a banana is a little darkened. Works wonders safely and amaze!!!

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