11 steps

Step 1: On the right you see two wooden hearts joined by a paper strip, a ring and a cardboard frame. On the left is a second frame with two bells joined by a ring. Think you can attach the hearts to the frame the same way as the paper bells–with the ring joining them?

Step 2: Task: 1. Cut a frame out of card stock. 2. Join two small objects by gluing them to opposite ends of a strip of paper. 3. Attach the objects to the frame (as demonstrated by the paper bells) not forgetting that the metal ring should be joining them.

Step 3: Continue on for the solution.

Step 4: Fold the frame in half.

Step 5: Slip the ring over the fold onto the frame. Pass the ring further along the frame.

Step 6: Slip the objects onto the frame as shown.

Step 7: This is what you should have now.

Step 8: Slip the ring back over the fold and onto the paper strip joining the objects.

Step 9: Unfold the paper frame.

Step 10: You did it!

Step 11: You can also challenge your friends to solve the puzzle in reverse–removing the objects instead of putting them on.

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