25 steps

Step 1: Open a homemade paper wallet to show your audience. On the interior sides of the wallet are one and two paper strips. Take paper money and slip it under one strip.

Step 2: Close the wallet.

Step 3: Turn the wallet over several times, pressing it with your palms.

Step 4: Now open the wallet. Everyone sees that the money has shifted from being under the one strip, to being under two!

Step 5: Close the wallet.

Step 6: Open it once again, and now the money is back in the first place!

Step 7: The secret to this magic trick is in the unusual wallet. To create it, you will need two identical rectangular pieces of cardstock, two strips slightly longer than the width of the rectangular cardstock and one strip twice the length of the other strips.

Step 8: Take the first rectangle.

Step 9: Place the long strip on it as shown.

Step 10: Place the second rectangle next to the first, but on top of the strip.

Step 11: Fold one end of the strip over and attach it to the rectangle with tape.

Step 12: Carefully turn the paper over.

Step 13: Tape down the other end of the strip in the same way as before.

Step 14: Lightly lift one side of the wallet and slip the end of one short strip under, as shown.

Step 15: Repeat with the second strip.

Step 16: Turn the wallet over again, bend the end of one short strip down and fasten it with tape.

Step 17: Tape the other end of the strip to the second rectangle as shown.

Step 18: Repeat with the second strip.

Step 19: Like this.

Step 20: The magic wallet is ready!

Step 21: You can see the wallet opens from both sides.

Step 22: And here’s how it works!

Step 23: Take a look again.

Step 24: Now you see that for an audience we open the wallet first from one side, and then from the other.

Step 25: However, with the practiced moves of the magician, it’s impossible to detect, let alone figure out how the money moves from one side to the other!

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