10 steps

Step 1: You will need: a sheet of paper, scissors and tape (or glue).

Step 2: Cut a strip of paper.

Step 3: Task: tape (or glue) the paper strip and cut it lengthwise in such a manner that you end up with two interlocking rings.

Step 4: How it’s done: 1. before taping the paper strip, turn over one end so it faces inside out.

Step 5: 2. Turn it once more.

Step 6: 3. Now both ends of the strip are facing you with the same side of the paper because one end has been twisted a full 360 degrees. Attach the two ends as shown.

Step 7: Start cutting the strip lengthwise.

Step 8: Cut the ring in two.

Step 9: See the result: two interlocking rings! Now you can challenge your friends to solve the puzzle. And that’s not all!

Step 10: Turn the puzzle into a magic trick. You’ll need a longer strip of paper that’s the same color on the front and back (so nobody notices that you’ve twisted one end). Attach the ends and cut quickly. Proudly show off the resulting interlocking rings to your dazzled audience.

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