9 steps

Step 1: Ever dreamed of creating something living with your own hands? If yes, we suggest you try making a living butterfly–one that doesn’t require a motor or you blowing on it, but merely your hands. To start, cut a small butterfly out of thin paper.

Step 2: Take a large needle and stick it eye-first into a piece of foam.

Step 3: You’ve made a unique stand as shown.

Step 4: Place the butterfly on the tip of the needle at just the point where it lays balanced. If this proves difficult, try folding the butterfly in half and unfolding flat again. The crease should help the butterfly hold onto to needle’s point.

Step 5: Like this!

Step 6: Move your palm toward the butterfly, and it will come alive, beginning to spin. If your hands are cold, rub them together to warm them.

Step 7: What causes the butterfly to turn? A current of air! Near every warm object there is a flow of rising warm air.

Step 8: As air warms up, it expands and becomes lighter. Surrounding air (colder and therefore denser and heavier) displaces the warm air, taking its place and forcing the warm air to rise. Then it too, in turn, begins to warm up and is displaced by more cold air.

Step 9: And so, every heated object is the source of a rising flow of air, imperceptible as it may be. For the lightweight butterfly, the warmth of our hands is enough to bring it to life. See what are hands are capable of!

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