10 steps

Step 1: You will need: a strip of paper, scissors and tape (or glue).
Task: make a ring from the paper strip and cut it lengthwise into four rings, each of which is interlocked with the other three. (If you solved “Magic rings” then this puzzle sholdn’t be difficult).

Step 2: How it’s done: 1. before attaching the ends of the paper strip to make a ring, turn one end over so it faces inside out.

Step 3: 2. Turn the same end over once more. Now both ends are facing you with the same side of the paper, since one end has been twisted 360 degrees. Attach the ends as shown.

Step 4: Start cutting the ring lengthwise.

Step 5: Cut the ring in two.

Step 6: Now look what has resulted: two interlocking rings!

Step 7: Begin cutting one of the rings lengthwise in two.

Step 8: Cut completely to the end.

Step 9: Look what you have!

Step 10: Now cut the other ring the same way. You now have four rings, each one interlocking with the other three!

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