8 steps

Step 1: You show the viewer two cards with the words: - I have two cards: nine and six. Bubi and worms.

Step 2: Put the cards together.

Step 3: Place them roughly in the center of the deck.

Step 4: Swing the hand with the deck, and the deck is thrown into your other hand. In the first hand there are only two cards.

Step 5: This is a nine and six, bobi and worms! What incredible dexterity does one need to possess in order to keep the cards selected earlier and put back into the deck in the deck when the deck is tossed ?!

Step 6: In reality, the matter is not so much about dexterity as in cunning. Before demonstrating the focus, you must prepare two pairs of cards. In one pair - six worms and nine cubes, and in the other - nine worms and six cubes of rubies. All the cards are red. Sixes and nine - figures similar one to another. This is necessary in order to mislead the viewer. That's why at the beginning of the focus, showing a nine worms and a six of the diamonds, you say that you have a nine and a six, and you call the suit in the reverse order - bugs and worms.

Step 7: Also, before you show the focus, you have to put a nine of the tambourines on top of the pack.

Step 8: A six worms - down. Now, dropping the deck, you only need to tighten it up so that the top and bottom cards remain in your first hand, and all the cards lying between them slipped and fell into the other hand. If you act quickly and confidently, it is unlikely that the viewer will be able to understand that at the end of the focus you are showing him not the same cards that are at the beginning of the focus.

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