10 steps

Step 1: To display the focus you need two rubber bands for hair.

Step 2: At the beginning the focus gum stretched between your fingers.

Step 3: Do you offer anyone wishing to rub the gums with one another, squeezing them together in the middle. At the same time you do a bit of help viewer, setting an example. And - lo and behold! You and the audience let go of gum and they are bonded to each other! It is simply inconceivable !!! How could the whole scrapie gum? But this is not the end of the focus!

Step 4: Do you offer the viewer a second to rub the gums, in the very place where they are joined. Again, a little help. Releases the gum - they are separated again!

Step 5: You show the audience that quite ordinary gum.

Step 6: Well, then, it is time to comprehend the incomprehensible! The secret of focus is how you keep the original gum. Put the gum on your fingers as shown in the photo.

Step 7: Replace the two sides of the gum in some places. Like this! Middle finger and ring finger in between gums, keeping them connected. It now remains only to bend the fingers fully stretched and gums will look like a stretched index fingers only, and the other - only the little fingers.

Step 8: What happens when the focus? First, you help the viewer to rub gum middle and ring finger of one hand. After that, you do not put them in the loop between the gums, but simply folded. Because of what the gums begin to seem connected.

Step 9: The second time you are helping the viewer to rub gum middle and ring finger of the second hand. Then, you deal with them as well as with the fingers of the first hand. And gum exempt from communication with the other sisters! Now you understand why the viewer should set an example, rubbing his gums.

Step 10: And then the gum is safely possible to show to the audience. After all, they are really quite ordinary, and of your secret is not gone. And no matter how long viewers are not wheeled gum in his hands, no matter how rubbing them now, will remain incomprehensible to them inconceivable. Meanwhile, the focus is so simple !!!

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