15 steps

Step 1: Walking through walls may be in the realm of fiction, but what about passing your whole body through a postcard? Is that any less challenging? Task: take a postcard or small piece of paper and cut out the largest hole you can.

Step 2: Perhaps you thought to start this way.

Step 3: And you would end up with this.

Step 4: Not nearly big enough! Stumped? Continue on for the solution.

Step 5: Fold the paper in half lengthwise.

Step 6: Make a cut starting from the folded edge. Stop short of the opposite edge.

Step 7: Make a second cut the same way at the other end.

Step 8: Now cut along the folded edge, leaving the end pieces intact.

Step 9: Make another cut next to the first one, in the same manner as before. Continue making cuts the same distance from each other.

Step 10: The paper is now cut into strips attached at one side.

Step 11: Now turn the paper around and cut the second strip down the middle, again stopping before reaching the end.

Step 12: Repeat with all the strips.

Step 13: Now look at what has resulted.

Step 14: Unfold the paper and carefully stretch it outward.

Step 15: Now you’ll have no trouble passing through! Challenge your friends to do the same. Are they clever enough to figure it out?

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