How to stand an egg on its end

Step 1: Did you know that Christopher Columbus is famous not only for discovering America, but also for standing an egg on its end? How did he make the egg stand up? He simply tapped one end on the table to flatten it slightly. But how do you stand an egg on its end without damaging its shell? Even the famous explorer couldn’t crack that one. Can you?

Step 2: Let’s give it a try! Take a raw egg and vigorously shake it several times, breaking the delicate membrane around the yolk. The yolk will begin to flow inside the egg.

Step 3: Now stand the egg on its wider end and hold it in one position for some time. This allows the yolk, which is heavier than the white, to flow down and settle at the bottom.

Step 4: Thanks to our actions, the egg’s center of gravity has shifted downward, and the egg has become more stable. Who would have thought that a little determination and patience would allow us to stand an egg on its end?

Lesson added by Bunzarintana Rembrandt