How to stand an egg on its end 2

Step 1: Have you already made an egg stand on its end by shaking it and causing the yolk to break its membrane? Then try to repeat the feat, but without shaking the egg.

Step 2: This method of standing an egg on its egg is, perhaps, even simpler. Poke a large needle into the center of an egg’s wider end. Push the needle in deep enough to pierce the yolk, and jiggle the needle to rupture the membrane.

Step 3: Now stand the egg on its wider end and hold it in one position for some time. This allows the yolk, which is heavier than the white, to flow down and settle at the bottom.

Step 4: Thanks to our actions, the egg’s center of gravity has shifted downward, and the egg has become more stable. Doing the impossible isn’t so hard, after all!

Lesson added by Bunzarintana Rembrandt