10 steps

Step 1: You will need (for one earring):
— quilling paper strips: 3.5 yellow, 5 red
— hooked earring base
— quilling glue
— fine-tip scissors
— *a toothpick or a match
— *slotted quilling tool

Step 2: Make a tight coil of 1 yellow strip and glue on it four equal marquises (1 red strip for each).

Step 3: Turn the item over.

Step 4: Make four short yellow curls and glue them between the marquises. The curls should be a bit shorter, than the marquises.

Step 5: Apply glue to the points of the marquises. Fold the end of the yellow strip, glue it to the top marquise and then wrap the strip around the marquises.

Step 6: Wrap the strip around the marquises one or two more times (until the strip ends), spreading some glue on the corners before each wrap.

Step 7: Fix the end on the strip with glue.

Step 8: Make a coil with a hole in the middle of 1/2 of a yellow strip. Thread a small piece of yellow strip through the ring-coil. Curl the ends of the strip.

Step 9: Attach the ring to the earring, gluing the curls to the sides of the square.

Step 10: The earring is complete. Attach a hooked earring base to it and make the second earring the same way.

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