15 steps

Step 1: Are you in the hands of a long thread.

Step 2: You add up the thread in half.

Step 3: pulls the loop at the fold.

Step 4: Take the scissors and cut the thread right in the middle.

Step 5: connects two resulting strands into multiple nodules.

Step 6: shows viewers the knot. Threads well connected.

Step 7: You take the scissors again and crop bundle!

Step 8: blows on the thread center and straighten it. It's incredible! The thread is again a whole! If desired, the audience can examine it carefully. No catch! - Yarn, indeed, become whole again!

Step 9: Probably to do the trick and you need to really be a magician ?! At least a little bit ?! Believe me, it is not so! The focus is much easier than it might seem!

Step 10: The secret of focus in a small segment of the thread.

Step 11: You have to have prepared his focus.

Step 12: tied in a small ring.

Step 13: And cut nodule protruding from strings.

Step 14: Then, put a ring on one end of a long string.

Step 15: will put a thread passed through it in one hand (ring must be of a size that is completely hidden in your fist). Leaving the end of a long thread hang out fist. That's how you show the audience a long thread, unsuspecting of the small ring. Adding the same thread twice, you pulled out of the fist is not the place fold, and a separate ring (most importantly, do not pull it in whole or in place of the node). His-and then you cut. The first knot you tied, closing the crossing place yarn fingers. The rest of the knots tied already freely, without hiding anything. Next, carefully cut the knot (without damaging the long thread). That's all a miracle !!! Look at the trick another time, already knowing the secret, and it will surprise you with his prostate! It turns out so easy to draw irreversible!!!

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