14 steps

Step 1: For this magic trick you will need a cup, handkerchiefs and rubber bands.

Step 2: Take one thin handkerchief and fold it several times.

Step 3: Roll it up tightly.

Step 4: Bind it up well with a rubber band.

Step 5: Put the handkerchief in the cup.

Step 6: Cover the cup with another handkerchief, slightly pushed down into the cup.

Step 7: Hold on to the edges of the handkerchief and pull outwards. The first handkerchief jumps out of the cup, having passed through the second one. Only a rubber band remains in the cup.

Step 8: The secret of the trick lies in having an additional handkerchief, identical to the first, and similarly rolled up.

Step 9: Hide this handkerchief in the center of the second one.

Step 10: Loosely fasten it with a rubber band.

Step 11: Now turn the handkerchief inside out.

Step 12: Hold the handkerchief so the audience doesn’t see the one hidden inside.

Step 13: And instead of placing the bound handkerchief into the cup, it actually remains hidden in your hand.

Step 14: Then discreetly discard it somewhere. When you pull the edges of the second handkerchief, the hidden handkerchief jumps out and the rubber band falls to the bottom of the cup. Simple!

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