The Granny knot is one of the three Reef knot twins; the only difference is that the lines cross in opposite directions. The Granny knot is very insecure. It can easily slip along a line, and this feature allows it to turn effortlessly into a double half hitch — a hitch, very useful in boating. ABoK #3, #80, #186, #464, #1206, #1405, #2553, #3786

Step 1: Fold the rope to form an open loop with the running end upside.

Step 2: Thread the 2nd rope through the loop and under the 1st standing part.

Step 3: Pass the 2nd running end over the 1st standing part and then under the 1st running end.

Step 4: Pass over the 1st running end and through the loop.

Step 5: Tighten the knot.

Step 6: The Granny knot is complete.

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