13 steps

Step 1: Let’s draw the basic shapes and lines, applying gentle pressure on the pencil. First draw a big horizontal oval, a bit inclined to the left. Draw two vertical ovals for the legs — the right one is smaller than the left one.

Step 2: Draw a circle for the head. Connect the circle and the large oval with a line that starts from the center of the oval and curves downward a bit almost in the middle.

Step 3: Draw three small circles for the knees approximately on one line. Draw three lines with triangles at the bottom — for the hoofs.

Step 4: Now we start drawing the contours, pressing on the pencil normally. Outline the neck. Its right contour curves outward at the bottom. Its top part rounds a bit near the head.

Step 5: Draw the foreleg. The oval of the body should stand out to the right, so the right contour of the body looks wavy. The leg is very thin at the bottom and much thicker near the body. It thickens a bit near the knee. There is a small bone near the hoof that sticks out sharply on the left. Draw the second foreleg — the part that is visible from our point of view.

Step 6: Now draw the foreground hind leg. The top part is even thicker than the top part of the foreleg and it starts a bit higher. The left contour curves inward above the knee. The knees of the hind legs bend backward.

Step 7: Outline the belly and the back. The giraffe has a smooth hump on the bottom of the neck and that’s why the left contour curves to the left a bit. Draw the short toothed mane.

Step 8: Draw the head; the giraffe has a narrow elongated muzzle. Its bottom line curves inward in the place where the jaw starts.

Step 9: Add a marquise-shaped eye, two cylindrical horns and an ear, shaped like a leaf. Detail the head with some small spots.

Step 10: Draw the tail with a tuft. The tuft is elongated and curved.

Step 11: And now to the most important thing — the spots. They are angular and have different sizes and shapes. The spots on the body are the largest, the others are smaller. The smallest ones are near the knees. Keep in mind that all the spots should be separated from each other; they shouldn’t be contiguous.

Step 12: Draw the rest of the spots and erase all the basic shapes and lines before coloring.

Step 13: Now let’s color the giraffe. We chose ochre for the spots and grayish-yellow for the rest of the body. The background legs are a bit darker. The mane and the tail are dark brown. Trace over the contours again if they got blurred after coloring. The giraffe is complete!

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