Get free

Step 1: Want to see what two of your friends will do if you tie their hands together and challenge them to free themselves? Solving this puzzle can turn into a hilarious dance. And the solution is actually quite simple!

Step 2: Start by tying a cord to the first person’s wrists. (You should not be able to slip the cord off the person’s hands, but it should not squeeze the wrist tightly). Then tie the end of the second cord to second person’s wrist.

Step 3: Pass the loose end over the first person’s cord.

Step 4: Now tie it to the second person’s other wrist.

Step 5: Your friends are now joined by the cord. It appears that to get free, they will have to cut or untie the cord. But that’s not allowed! See how long it takes your friends to think their way out of the problem.

Step 6: Given up and want to get free? Grab one cord roughly in the middle as shown.

Step 7: Pass the cord under the loop binding the other person’s wrist. Pull enough cord through to pass it over the person’s hand.

Step 8: Now pull the cord out from under the loop binding the person’s wrist, as shown.

Step 9: Here’s how it looks from the other side.

Step 10: And that’s all! Your friends are free!

Step 11: You already know how the puzzle is solved. Now go challenge your friends and close ones and have fun watching–just don’t die laughing!

Lesson added by Bunzarintana Rembrandt