It’s a delicious roll with smoked salmon and omelette.

Step 1: Ingredients:
- Pre-cooked sushi rice
- smoked salmon
- eggs for omelet
- 1 cucumber
- 1 nori sheet
- soy sauce

Step 2: Cut the cucumber lengthwise into half. Then cut each half into thin strips.

Step 3: Cut salmon into stripes. Cut it obliquely across fibers.

Step 4: Beat eggs into a bowl.

Step 5: Add soy sauce to taste.

Step 6: Mix carefully.

Step 7: Oil the preheated frying pan. Remove excess oil with paper napkin so that the omelet is not too oily.

Step 8: Pour a thin layer of egg mixture.

Step 9: Fry it the roll it and fry until it becomes thick.

Step 10: Cut the omelet into strips.

Step 11: Take a handful of rice and distribute it evenly onto nori sheet. Leave approximately 1.5 cm 0.5 inch free of rice. Rinse your hands in a bowl.

Step 12: Put the omelet strip on rice.

Step 13: Put cucumber stripes next to the omelet.

Step 14: Put salmon stripes on top.

Step 15: Roll to the end of rice layer.

Step 16: Cut the outer edges of the roll so that it looks nicer.

Step 17: Cut in half using a wet knife. Cut each time in half again and then repeat so that there are 8 pieces. You should use wet knife for each cut.

Step 18: Serve with soy sauce and pickled ginger.

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