11 steps

Step 1: Show your audience a small bottle, allowing them to see that it is an ordinary, empty bottle. And then show them a pen–also completely ordinary.

Step 2: Lower the pen into the bottle.

Step 3: While holding onto the pen, turn the bottle upside down.

Step 4: Command the pen to freeze, and let go of it. The pen doesn’t fall!

Step 5: Take hold of the pen again, and carefully turn it over with the bottle. Now command the bottle to freeze, and it remains stuck to the pen! Take the bottle in your hand again and feely take out the pen.

Step 6: Now take a shoelace in hand and lower it into the bottle. Turn the bottle over and let go of the shoelace. It hangs from the bottle but doesn’t fall!

Step 7: Turn the bottle right side up, and the bottle hangs from the shoelace! And then with ease, pull the shoelace out of the bottle.

Step 8: The secret is simple: a small ball whose diameter is slightly less than the neck of the bottle.

Step 9: When showing the bottle to the audience, you hold the ball in your other hand unseen.

Step 10: Then, while distracting the audience with the pen, discreetly drop the ball into the bottle.

Step 11: When you turn the bottle over while holding the pen, the ball rolls to the neck of the bottle and holds the pen in place. Then, as you turn the bottle back over, you hold onto to the pen so the ball doesn’t fall to the bottom. To remove the pen, tilt the bottle slightly so the ball rolls noiselessly to the bottom.

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