14 steps

Step 1: Let’s draw the basic shapes and lines, applying a gentle pressure on the pencil. First of all we will draw two ovals — a smaller one for the head and a bigger one for the body. The second is inclined to the left, because the fox stands on a sloping rock. Trace the rock itself with a long hooked line.

Step 2: Mark the proportions of the face with one vertical and two horizontal lines. They are all inclined to the right. Draw a small oval on the left. It goes beyond the left edge of the circle. Add a curved line on the right to mark the neck.

Step 3: Trace the legs, marking the knees with sharp angles. Each leg ends with a small oval that lies on the surface of the rock. Add an S-shaped line for the tail.

Step 4: Now we start drawing the contours, pressing on the pencil normally. Let’s draw some fur on the fox’s face. The contour of the cheek curves to the right — here we will draw the smiling mouth. The fur hangs down and goes beyond the oval of the head. The shape of the fur locks resembles tree leaves.

Step 5: Draw the fur on the neck and on the belly with toothed lines. The teeth of the fur slant downward. The left contour of the neck repeats its right contour. Draw a furry collar on the breast — in the middle the fur is longer than on the sides.

Step 6: Now let’s outline the back. It has two folds of skin and the smallest one starts from the neck. The hind leg is plump and rounded.

Step 7: Draw the contours of the other legs. The left foreleg is the thickest because it is in the foreground. Notice that some fur sticks out on the elbow. The right contour is rounded. Draw the right foreleg that is bent at the bottom and trace the right hind leg — we can see a small piece of it between the forelegs. We are looking at the fox from beneath so the feet can’t be seen behind the rock.

Step 8: Every fox is proud of its large fuzzy tail. Let its top contour form a half-oval, and the bottom contour should curve like the letter S. Draw a zigzag line to mark the white tip of the tail. The zigzags should be taller in the middle and should curve to the right — as the whole tail does.

Step 9: Let’s detail the fox’s face. Draw the cheeks and the chin with some fur on it. We can see only a small part of the left cheek, because the fox turned its head to the left. Mark another fold of skin on the neck and outline the right contour of the breast.

Step 10: Draw the large triangular ears. Keep in mind that they should be almost equal in height. The left ear should reach the contour of the fur on the cheek. Draw some eyebrows.

Step 11: Between the basic lines draw two half-oval eyes. Make the bottom line of the right eye go upward a bit — this will make our fox look upward. Draw the bridge of the nose with a curved line and the nose itself — a triangle with smooth corners.

Step 12: Outline the rock the fox stands on. The contour should be uneven and angular, especially on the right, where the rock steeply goes down.

Step 13: Add some more uneven lines to make the rock look rougher. Erase all the basic shapes and lines before coloring.

Step 14: And now for the most fun part — let’s color the picture! Use three shades of orange to color the fox. The setting sun shines on it from the right bottom corner, so the darkest values will be on the hindquarters and on the left parts of the head and the limbs. The breast and the right parts of the limbs are the highlights. Color the rock gray, marking the cracks and folds with shading. Trace over the contours again if they got blurred after coloring. The fox is complete!

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