Floating needle 2 Brain teasers and fun science tricks

Step 1: You already know how to make a needle float using cooking oil? Here’s a harder task–float the needle without the added fat. For this experiment you’ll need: a glass of water, thin needle, a pencil and a piece of a paper napkin.

Step 2: Carefully place the piece of paper napkin on the surface of the water.

Step 3: Place the needle on the napkin.

Step 4: Gently push down on the edge of the napkin with the pencil, making it slowly sink.

Step 5: The napkin has sunk and the needle remained on the surface of the water! It doesn’t even sink when you turn the glass. The secret is simple: the small amount of oil ever-present on our skin is enough to have already coated the needle and make it float.

Lesson added by Bunzarintana Rembrandt