7 steps

Step 1: Several crayons of different colors lay on the table.

Step 2: Stand with your back to the table and even close your eyes. Ask a volunteer to choose a crayon.

Step 3: The volunteer places the crayon in your hands, which are behind your back. Hold the crayon in your hands several seconds, turning it around as though trying to see it with your inner sight or feeling its energy.

Step 4: Then return the crayon to the volunteer.

Step 5: The crayon is put back in place on the table.

Step 6: You turn around and confidently pick out the crayon that you held in your hand.

Step 7: The secret is simple. While holding the crayon in your hand, scratch it with your fingernail. Some of the crayon’s color remains under your nail. Before picking out the crayon, pretend to concentrate by scratching your head–in order to get a close look at your fingernail. And everyone will believe in your magical talent!

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