9 steps

Step 1: Let’s draw the basic shapes and lines, applying gentle pressure on the pencil. We begin with the largest oval as usual. Now, on to the three small ovals of the legs.

Step 2: Draw an oval for the head and divide it with a curved line to mark the proportions of the face. The line is a bit inclined to the left because the elephant looks to the right. Trace the ears and the trunk.

Step 3: Now we start drawing the contours, pressing on the pencil normally. Draw the trunk and the forehead. The trunk is wrinkly on the upper side. The eyebrows are a bit lifted.

Step 4: Now outline the body. Notice that there is a fold on the elephant’s belly.

Step 5: Draw the forelegs; they are thick and wrinkled, with round nails and large, massive knees. The feet are much wider than the legs.

Step 6: Draw the ears; they are large and wavy at the bottom. Their inside contours repeat the basic lines.

Step 7: Now we need to draw the hind leg. Since our elephant is sitting, his hind knee is bent. Don’t forget about the folds of the skin. Add a funny little tail with a tuft.

Step 8: The elephant is almost finished; he only needs some eyes, a forelock and a smiling mouth. Erase all the basic shapes and lines before coloring.

Step 9: Color the elephant gray. The inside of the ears is pale pink. Trace over the contours again if they got blurred after coloring. The elephant is complete!

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