7 steps

Step 1: You have a handkerchief in your hands. On the table in front of you a glass.

Step 2: You put the handkerchief in a glass in front of the viewer.

Step 3: Make a movement of the hand, as if conjuring. Then, a sharp wave of his hand, and the scarf disappears without a trace! Is it possible? Did the scarf just disappear into the air? Or did he even see the spectator?

Step 4: And the whole thing in the line, which you tied in advance to one of the corners of the kerchief, passing it into the corner with a needle. (By the way, the length of the line should be approximately equal to the distance from the wrist of one of your hands, to the elbow of the other).

Step 5: The free end of the line you tied to a bracelet worn on the arm. (It is better, if the bracelet will sit tightly on the arm - this can be a bracelet from the clock).

Step 6: After such preparation, you put the handkerchief in the sleeve of the hand on which the bracelet is worn. (It is better, if the sleeve is wide in width, then it will not further prevent the sudden disappearance of the handkerchief).

Step 7: Next, you pulled the handkerchief under the clothes to the second sleeve and, dragging through it, pulled out. After all the preparations, the main thing is to keep the handkerchief at the viewers so that they do not see the line. The kerchief should look natural. In this case, your hands should be slightly bent at the elbows, so that the line is not stretched. Waving his hand in front of the glass, during the focus, you sharply pull both hands and fishing line, stretching, tightening the handkerchief in the sleeve. (By the way, you need to take a glass for the focus steady, or, glue the glass to the table with double-sided tape or plasticine, so that it does not fail you at the most crucial moment, by your fall). Now you know how to make a thing effusively dissolve in the air in front of everyone!

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