6 steps

Step 1: Want to learn an interesting trick with a shoelace? Take a shoelace (or thin cord) and get ready to impress your friends.

Step 2: Make a loose knot as shown.

Step 3: Add a second knot to the first. Obviously, if you pull the shoelace tight at this point, you’ll get a strong double knot. Leave it loose for now.

Step 4: Now it gets more complicated. Take one end and pass it through the loop of the first knot.

Step 5: And then through the loop of the second knot as shown.

Step 6: Preparation is complete. Now for the most interesting part! Holding one free end of the shoelace, offer your friend to pull on the other end. Instead of creating a big, complicated knot–as your friend expects–the shoelace comes clean! The knot simply disappeared! You are a true magician! (Just make sure you prepared the knot exactly as shown in the photos!)

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