10 steps

Step 1: Let’s draw the basic shapes and lines, applying gentle pressure on the pencil. First, draw a large oval for the body, and then two smaller ovals for the head and the nose.

Step 2: Draw a cross on the head oval to indicate the proportions of the face. Both lines of the cross are inclined to the right. Add one last oval for the udder.

Step 3: Finally, trace the legs with four lines. Each one has a triangular hoof at the bottom. All lines are inclined to the right, except for the right foreleg.

Step 4: Now we start drawing the contours, pressing on the pencil normally. Draw the head – it is a bit elongated – and outline the nose. Notice that the front line of the nose curves slightly inward in the middle. The jaw is a small half-oval at the bottom of the nose.

Step 5: Now let’s draw the body and one hind leg. The front line of the body also curves inward a bit. Don’t forget to mark the bone sticking out on the hind leg. The line of the belly goes up sharply near the udder.

Step 6: Draw the rest of the legs. The hoofs are large; they are wider than the legs. Mark the knee on the right foreleg.

Step 7: Draw two curved horns and large ears. Between the horns, draw a forelock – like a star with seven or eight points.

Step 8: Detail the cow’s face; the nostrils look like fishing hooks and the eyes are oval and covered with lids on the top. Our cow also has a beauty spot on the cheek.

Step 9: Outline the udder and draw some more spots on the body and the legs. Erase all the basic shapes and lines before coloring.

Step 10: And now for the most fun part – let’s color the picture! The cow’s skin is pink, so the udder, the nose and the inside of the ears should be pink. Add some shading inside the nostrils. The hoofs and the horns are gray and the spots are black. Trace over the contours again if they got blurred after coloring. The cow is complete!

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