19 steps

Step 1: On the table is a sheet of paper, and in your hand – a coin.

Step 2: Place the coin in the center of the paper and fold one side.

Step 3: Fold the other side, hiding the coin from the audience.

Step 4: Then fold the paper from one side.

Step 5: And then from the other.

Step 6: Insert one folded side into the other.

Step 7: You should now have the following.

Step 8: Press the folded paper in your hands and say a few magic words.

Step 9: Lay the paper on the table and unfold it. The coin has disappeared, but has left a drawing of itself on the paper!

Step 10: The secret of the magic trick is in its preparation. Before the performance, take the coin and cover it with a sheet of paper.

Step 11: Take a pencil and make a rubbing of the coin underneath.

Step 12: Take a second sheet of paper, exactly the same as the first. To one of the sheets of paper attach a piece of double-sided tape.

Step 13: Lay one sheet on the other and press to attach them.

Step 14: Fold one side of the paper with the drawing.

Step 15: Second fold.

Step 16: Third.

Step 17: And fourth.

Step 18: Insert one folded edge into the other. (In other words, everything is done exactly the same as you will do with the coin.)

Step 19: Now turn the paper over and perform the magic trick. The audience shouldn’t notice that the folded paper is two-sided. After picking up the folded paper during the magic trick, simply place it back on the table on its other side.

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