48 steps

Step 1: What you need:
1. Milky watercolor paper (with finely embossed texture).
2. Thick brown paper.
3. Thin scarlet and green felt.
4. Metallized cardboard with brown embossment.
5. Brown foam.
6. Wallpaper or a scrapbooking paper (coffee, chocolate).
7. Hot glue gun.
8. Scissors.
9. Shaped scissors.
10. A ruler.
11. A pencil.
12. Some foil.
13. Twisted jute yarn.
14. Red and milky glass beads.
15. Small green and lilac seed beads.
16. Silver bead 1/4” (0.5 cm) in diameter.
17. Silver and green wire for bead weaving.
18. Double-sided tape.
19. Double-sided foam tape.

Step 2: Get an A5 sheet of watercolor paper and fold it in half using the ruler.

Step 3: Cut a rectangle 4Х5-1/2” (10X14) from the wallpaper or scrapbooking paper, cut all the sides with shaped scissors.

Step 4: Stick the tape to the rectangle.

Step 5: Adhere the rectangle to the base of the card.

Step 6: Using the shaped scissors cut a rectangle 1-1/2Х3-1/2” (4X9 cm) with the word “chocolate” and a square 1-1/2Х1-1/2” (4X4 cm) with a cup of coffee. Also cut a rectangle 1-3/8Х1-1/2” (3.5X4 cm) for the wrapping.

Step 7: Stick the foam tape to the “chocolate” rectangle and a square with a cup of coffee.

Step 8: Adhere the rectangle and the square to the card.

Step 9: On the paper or a cardboard draw a woman’s silhouette in a hat 5” (12.5 cm) in height. Cut it.

Step 10: Encircle the silhouette on the brown paper and cut it. Make small cuts on the dress hem.

Step 11: Stick the tape to the back side of the silhouette.

Step 12: Cut off 3” (7 cm) of the silver wire, get the glass beads and the silver bead.

Step 13: Thread the bead on the wire and twist the wire above it.

Step 14: Thread red and milky glass beads one by one.

Step 15: Attach the necklace to the woman’s neck and twist the ends of the wire with each other.

Step 16: Adhere the silhouette to the card.

Step 17: Cut two rectangles 7/8Х1-1/2” (2.2X4 cm) and 3/4Х1” (1.8X2.5 cm) from the foam. On the smaller rectangle draw the squares 3/16Х1/4” (0.5X0.6 cm) (4 lines crosswise and 2 lines lengthwise).

Step 18: Cut a rectangle 2-1/4Х3” (6X8 cm) from the foil. Put on it a bigger foam rectangle.

Step 19: Start wrapping the chocolate in the foil.

Step 20: Wrap the chocolate up.

Step 21: Bend the foil inside.

Step 22: Stick the tape to the rectangle for the wrapping.

Step 23: Attach the wrapping to the chocolate.

Step 24: Adhere the wrapping to the chocolate.

Step 25: Cut a label 3/4Х1” (2X2.5 cm) from the metallized cardboard using shaped scissors.

Step 26: Stick the tape to the label.

Step 27: Adhere the label to the chocolate.

Step 28: Tear open the chocolate wrapping.

Step 29: Stick the tape to the foam rectangle.

Step 30: Cut the foam along the lines to get the segments.

Step 31: Adhere 6 segments to the chocolate.

Step 32: Stick the tape to the back side of the chocolate.

Step 33: Adhere the chocolate and the rest of the segments to the card.

Step 34: Cut the flowers 3/4Х2-1/2” (2X6 cm) from the scarlet felt. Cut the upper side with shaped scissors.

Step 35: Cut three pairs of leaves 5/8Х2-1/4” (1.5X6 cm) from the green felt.

Step 36: Get the green wire, flowers and the glass beads for the first flower.

Step 37: Cut off 16” (40 cm) of the wire and fold it 4 times (the middle part should be shorter).

Step 38: Thread the glass beads on the center of the wire and on the ends. Bend the ends.

Step 39: Twist the ends of the wire.

Step 40: Twist the wire in the upper part leaving 0,4” (1 cm) from the glass beads.

Step 41: Insert the leaves between the wire, make a small fold and twist the wire over the leaves. The bottom of the bud fix with a separate wire, tightly twisting it.

Step 42: Make the concertina fold of a flower and wrap it around the wire so that the glass beads are seen from the bud.

Step 43: Spread the bud.

Step 44: Make two more flowers in the same way.

Step 45: Cut off 4” (10 cm) of the jute yarn and separate it into two parts.

Step 46: Twist the flower stems with each other (you may use a wire) and tie a bow around them.

Step 47: Using the hot glue gun adhere the flowers to the card, putting some glue to the bow.

Step 48: the card is finished!

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