8 steps

Step 1: Before performing the magic trick, show your audience an ordinary bottle full of water.

Step 2: And now for the magic trick! Cover the opening of the bottle with your fingers and turn the bottle over.

Step 3: Take your hand away and–a miracle! The water doesn’t flow out!

Step 4: For dramatic effect, take an ordinary toothpick and insert it into the bottle. The toothpick floats to the top!

Step 5: You can repeat the toothpick trick again so your audience sees that there is no deception. The bottle is full of water and isn’t plugged up.

Step 6: You command the water to disappear and it at once begins to flow out of the bottle. You are truly a magician!

Step 7: The whole secret lies in a small plastic disc. You can it out of any plastic packaging. The disc should be clear and the same diameter as the bottle opening, or slightly larger. In the center of the disc make a hole with a hole punch.

Step 8: Cover the bottle opening with the plastic disc and turn the bottle over. Release the disc slowly to make sure the disc doesn’t fall off. Practice several times before performing the magic trick.

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