This hitch is used for attaching a rope to objects such as rings, rods, railings, posts, etc. It gained its popularity among sailors as a simple and effective knot for securing buntlines to the foot of square ships. This knot is not afraid of shaking, and tightens more with every jerk. It tends to jam and, after using it for a long time, can be difficult to untie. Good for setting up a tent. ABoK #55, #397, #1229, #1711, #1712, #1807, #1838, #1847, #1918, #2408

Step 1: Turn the running end around the object from the front.

Step 2: Pass over the standing part, then under it, then over it again and through the loop.

Step 3: Pass through the loop you’ve just formed.

Step 4: Tighten the knot.

Step 5: The Buntline Hitch is complete!

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