17 steps

Step 1: Before you deck of cards.

Step 2: Do you offer to anyone who wishes to divide the deck into two approximately equal stacks. Or you do it yourself.

Step 3: Then, each of the stacks still offer divided by two, as well, approximately equal at each other.

Step 4: Take one of the four stacks, and taking off her top three cards, shift the bottom of the stack.

Step 5: The next three cards from this stack are displayed on the same to the rest of the stack.

Step 6: Since the second stack to do the same as the first - the top three cards - down three - put on top of other stacks.

Step 7: The same are doing and the third pile.

Step 8: So it is with the fourth shift the stack of three cards - down stack.

Step 9: Three cards - the neighboring stacks.

Step 10: flips the top card of the first face-up pile. Everyone can see that it is - an ace.

Step 11: flips the top card from the stack of the second - again, the ace!

Step 12: Upper third stack of cards as is ace!

Step 13: And, as everyone already guessed - the top card of the last stack - also an ace!!!

Step 14: An amazing coincidence, is not it?!

Step 15: But it is not in coincidence. Before showing the focus you have chosen from the pack are the same four aces.

Step 16: And placed them on top of the deck.

Step 17: Further, the separation of the deck into four stacks, you just remember, somewhere went to the top of the deck - it then turned out all four aces. And you, of course, no accident was removed from each stack of three cards and shifted them down. After all, when was the turn of the stack with aces (and it should certainly be the fourth), on top of aces turned three extra cards. They are you and shifted down from the fourth stack, thereby returning to the Aces. And then, just spread out the top three aces on the neighboring piles. On the deck itself was the fourth ace. All of your actions the viewer does not notice the simple secret. And you again, without difficulty, find yourself at an altitude!!!

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