Amazing sleight-of-hand

Step 1: You have two identical cardboard tubes.

Step 2: You lift up the first tube and everyone sees a small yellow jar underneath.

Step 3: Lift up the second tube – and there is a red jar.

Step 4: Put the tubes back in place. Now you can gesture with your hands, say some magic words or momentarily cover the tubes with a handkerchief. Now lift the cardboard tubes – the jars have changed places!

Step 5: Cover the jars with the tubes once again. Ask a volunteer which jar is where.

Step 6: Take away the tubes. Unbelievably, the jars have once again changed places.

Step 7: We’re sure your audience will be amazed by your cunning. But is the trick really all sleight-of-hand?

Step 8: Of course, but not entirely. You have actually not just two identical cardboard tubes, but also two identical jars. And that’s not all.

Step 9: The larger jars have the bottoms cut out.

Step 10: The diameter of the larger jars should be just slightly smaller than the tubes. As you pick up the tube, press it lightly so the audience doesn’t notice, but enough to pick up the yellow jar along with it. Your skill then, lies merely in picking up one yellow jar and then the other unnoticed, so as to not give away the secret. Practice a few times before performing in front of an audience.

Lesson added by Bunzarintana Rembrandt