8 steps

Step 1: In front of you are a coin and clear cup.

Step 2: Throw a handkerchief onto the cup.

Step 3: Cover the coin with the cup.

Step 4: Take away the handkerchief–and the coin is gone! And it’s not in your hand or the handkerchief either!

Step 5: Cover the cup once again.

Step 6: Return the cup to its original place. The coin reappears where it was at first!

Step 7: The secret is in an ordinary sheet of paper, on which you must perform the magic trick…

Step 8: And in a piece of identical paper, glued to the rim of the cup. The paper must be cut so that none of it sticks out beyond the rim of the cup, and glued so that no glue is visible. Now you see that the coin never disappeared, but was simply hidden from view!

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