The Plattsburgh knot has almost the same structure as the Windsor except for the position of the tie – it lies around the neck inside-out. The Plattsburgh is a large symmetrical knot of a regular conic shape: wide at the top and sharply narrowing down at the bottom. It works well on shirts with wide collar openings. With this knot you will looks serious and confident on any formal event. The Plattsburgh can give a second birth to the ties that are a bit worn out: thanks to its unusual way of tying it may hide the shabby parts. Thomas Fink, the inventor of the knot, named it after the small town of Plattsburgh where he was born.

Step 1: Stand in front of the mirror and drape the tie over your neck inside out. The wide end should be on your right.

Step 2: Bring the wide end under the narrow end.

Step 3: Bring the wide end over the narrow end to the right.

Step 4: Pass the wide end under both ends to the left.

Step 5: Pass the wide end through the loop around your neck from above to the right.

Step 6: Bring the wide end over the narrow end to the left.

Step 7: Pass the wide end between the collar and the knot from beneath.

Step 8: Pass the wide end downward through the loop it has formed.

Step 9: Adjust the position of the knot and tighten it, holding the knot with one hand and pulling the narrow end with the other.

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